Thursday, August 7, 2014

Candlelight Inn - A Westchester Staple

If you live in Westchester, you HAVE heard of Candlelight Inn (519 Central Park Ave., Scarsdale, NY)! Every time I have mentioned to anyone from the area that I am going there or have been there, they know it. It is family owned since 1955. I originally had thought that it would be a fancy place based on the name, but boy was I surprised! This place isn't fancy, but its really freakin' good! It is your typical hole in the wall bar that serves amazing bar food with the most amazing wings I have ever tasted! 

They don't take reservations, and the wait is well worth it. Also, for the Superbowl, the place is beyond crowded with people waiting for pick up wing orders, which you have to call 2 weeks in advance for. After having these wings this year for Superbowl, I am not sure I could ever go without again! 
Last time we went, we ordered nachos which we have never ordered before, and they were delicious! They were coated in cheese and covered in meat and beans with jalapenos. These were not fancy nachos with a million different topping choices, but they were definitely your typical gluttonous bar nachos. MMM...Also, no worries, we did not run out of cheese when eating the chips, there was more than enough cheese to go around :) 

Onions Rings
The onion rings at this place are to die for. They are extra crispy and fried to perfection. Also, these are the good kind of onion rings, the ones where the onions stay inside when you bite into them. Each and every bite has onion inside of them :)
Definitely don't start your diet the day you go here, because you may not be able to order anything off the menu!
Waffle Fries

The waffle fries are also amazing! Crispy just the way we like them!
Hot Teriyaki Wings
And now onto the show stopper! The Hot Teriyaki wings! I had never had teriyaki wings before until trying them from this place, and I must say, what an amazing concept! I love that you can have the sweetness of the teriyaki, with the hot sauce mixed in for that added hotness. I also noticed that every wing is attached to a drumstick, which I have never seen anywhere else. You always get half and half in every order. It's perfect, because I tend to prefer the wings, and my boyfriend tend's to prefer the drumsticks :) Although, after eating the drumsticks from here, I may be converting...
There are other flavors of wings to choose from here, but I tend to stick to my favorite, Hot Teriyaki :)

I highly suggest checking Candlelight Inn out. I do not recommend going here with a large group because the seating is limited and there is always a wait. There is also the option to order to go from the separate takeout building, or order in the main building for takeout while having a drink at the bar. I could seriously eat everything on this menu, its so good! Also, its cash only, so make sure to hit up the ATM ahead of time!

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