Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Committed Pig: Amazing in Every Way for Every Meal!

Unfortunately, we had a lot of rain on our beach vacation down the shore, so we decided brunch would be the perfect activity since the beach obviously was not an option. We couldn't help but notice how crowded The Committed Pig (168 Main St., Manasquan,NJ) was for brunch two days in a row, and figured it must be good. 

When we entered for brunch there was a large crowd waiting at the door for their name to be called. Luckily, the hostess told us only 15 minutes and took our phone number so we could go for a walk while waiting! Exactly 15 minutes later, I received a text on my phone that our table was ready. Already impressed! 

When seated in the restaurant, I couldn't help but notice the cute quotes on the walls and pig themed apparel for sale. For instance, "In a Bacon and Egg Breakfast, what's the difference between the chicken and the pig? The Chicken is involved, but the pig is committed!". How clever was this place! 

Red Velvet pancakes - red velvet batter, cream cheese glaze, bacon
The  menu was the extreme comfort food menu with the most interesting and delicious sounding entrees written all over it..MMM... I wanted to order 1 of everything! Unfortunately, our stomachs aren't big enough to fit more than 2 entrees shared, so we ordered the Red Velvet pancakes and the Croque Madame.
The Red Velvet pancakes were topped with a cream cheese glaze and served with a side of bacon. I have never had red velvet pancakes before, nor have I seen them on a menu before. I was very impressed and think I much prefer this version of red velvet over the cupcake version. They were sweet and soft with the slight sourness from the cream cheese that made this a delicious treat. The bacon was extra crispy, and so flavorful. I think this may have been the best bacon I have ever had.
Croque Madame - shaved ham, fontina, gruyere, white cheddar, grilled sourdough, topped with a fried egg & mornay sauce, served with salad
The croque madame was extremely savory with shaved ham, fontina cheese, gruyere, and white cheddar between two slices of grilled buttery sourdough bread and then topped with a fried egg covered in mornay sauce.  Quite the messy treat, but oh so good. The ham was sliced nice and thick with each bite was just more gluttonous than the last. The sandwich was served with a side of salad, so at least some of this dish was healthy?

Coffee Thermos

To drink, I ordered the coffee thermos. I had no idea I was really going to get my coffee served in a thermos, which was so cute! I thought this was extremely unique since it kept the coffee nice and hot, and also was a generous portion without having to ask for refills.

The only negative about this place, was I wish I had known it was BYOB when we went for brunch, since mimosas would have been a nice pairing for the meal. There is always next time! 

We had such a good time here, that we returned the same night for dinner and this time, we brought our own wine! Also, there is no corkage fee :)


During dinner hour, the place was not very crowded, which leads me to believe it is more of a brunch spot than a dinner spot. It was a Sunday night, and typically the Jersey Shore empties out Sunday afternoon as people head back for the work week, so perhaps this was why it was not so crowded. 

Fried pickles - dusted with corn meal and fried, served with Russian dressing
We ordered the fried pickles to start, which were lightly covered in corn meal and then fried. They were were absolutely delicious and were paired with Russian dressing, which was a nice touch since it gave the appetizer a little tangy flavor instead of just a creamy flavor. I liked they were lightly fried so they still tasted super fresh instead of heavy.
Jalapeno Popper Burger - cheddar jack, jalapeno poppers, cream cheese

For dinner, we shared the Jalapeno Popper Burger. The burger was very unique because there were actually fried jalapenos that were stuffed with cheese on the burger! And there were a lot of them! The burger was also covered in cheddar jack, and the bun had some cream cheese spread on it to add to the already intense amazing spicy, cheesy, and juicy flavor! This burger meat was very tasty and you could tell just by biting into it that it was great quality. It was a blend of Pa LaFrieda hanger steak, short rib, and brisket. What a combo! As you bit into it, the juices just came right out into your hands. Amazing! I also loved the spiciness of the jalapenos. Definitely a re-order item next time I go there! 
The burger was accompanied with our choice of fries, but unfortunately they were out of waffle fries that night. We ordered sweet potato fries instead, which were amazing! 
I wish I lived closer to Manasquan, so I could visit the Committed Pig more often, but I guess next time I am down the shore I will pay them a visit. 

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